Irish Dance Lessons

The Ceili of the Valley Society organizes Céilí & Set dance classes 6:30-8:30 p.m. every Tuesday.

Classes are held at the

VFW Hall

630 Hood St. NE

Salem, Oregon

Cost: $5 per class

Sean-nós classes, starting April 20, 2017 Thursdays

Did you always want to take hard-shoe or tap, but somehow it just passed you by in life? Well- this is a unique opportunity to learn old-style Irish percussive dance. This is not Riverdance and is not competitive hard-shoe. No experience is needed for this fun class. We welcome all beginners.

Preregistration is required. The attached registration form must be received by April 17th. The class fee must be paid at the first class if it is not sent with the registration form. If you make up your mind at the last minute, no worries, you can sign up and pay at the first class.

Instructor: Nora Sherwood

Where:         VFW Hall, 630 Hood St. Salem, OR

Dates:           April 20th – May 25th (6-week class)

Time:           7:00pm – 8:30pm

Cost:            $75.00

Instructor’s bio:

Nora is a retired Irish dance champ and musician. She recently moved to the Oregon coast from Colorado, where she competed and taught for the Bennett School of Irish Dance. From Céili to sean-nós and set to step, she enjoys sharing her love of Irish dance and the lively music that accompanies it! She studied with sean-nós dance teachers Kieran Jordan, Siobhan Butler, Maldon Meehan, Shannon Dunne and Alicia Guinn. Currently, her favorite sean-nós dancer is Emma O’Sullivan.

Sean-nos literally meaning old-style is a highly improvisational, low to the ground, percussive rhythmic dance form. Unlike Irish step dancers,Sean-nos dancers swing their hips and use their arms as forms of expressing the music. Hard sole shoes are recommended, but not required. No shoes with metal taps allowed.

Sean-nos Registration Form: Sean Nos reg form_2017spring class