Teacher’s Notes

Hello All,

I am going to try and post information about new dances that we try (and maybe some old favorites) to the website.  Here’s a new dance we will be trying out tonight, compliments of our friends at Frolicking Meese Ceili Dancers, who dance in Bend.  Check them out at      frolickingmeese.weebly.com

We’ll give this a whirl tonight in class and see how it goes!!

I would like to thank all of the faithful dancers that keep coming out despite the heat to be at class every Tuesday – it’s such a joy to see everyone.  I would also like to say thank you to Ginny for getting things set up so I could blog…now I just have to take the time and do it!!  Elisa

Laura’s Jig

  • Danced by three couples: gents on one side, ladies on the other
  • Longways progressive
  • Expandable (w/modifications)
  1. Advance and retire (4)
  2. 6-hand right star around to place (4)
  3. Turn and Wander (16)
  • 1st corners (top gent and bottom lady) right hand turn 1.5 times (4)
  • Top gent and bottom lady cast right back to place, the gent out the bottom of the set and the lady out the top (4)
  • While 1st corners cast, 2nd corners (top lady and bottom gent) left hand turn 1.5 times around
  • 2nd corners cast left to home, gent out the top and lady out the bottom of the set (4)
  • While 2nd corners cast, Middles right hand turn 1.5 times
  • Middles cast right out the opposite side of the set and dance around to place (4)
  1. Sheepskin Heys
  • Men’s Sheepskin Hey: (24)
    • 1st gent leads behind the ladies’ line and weaves the line, followed by the 2nd and 3rd gents (~6)
    • Last gent turns back around the center lady, followed by the front gent, then the middle gent.
    • Each time the rear gent reaches the middle lady he turns back around her and reverses the weave, followed by the front gent, then the middle gent. (Rear gent will change)
    • Continue until the 1st gent is in the lead again (~12)
    • 1st gent leads the men back around behind the ladies and back to place (continuing original loop) (~6)
  • Ladies’ Sheepskin Hey (24)
    • 1st lady leads behind the gents’ line and weaves the line, followed by the 2nd and 3rd ladies (~6)
    • Last lady turns back around the center gent, followed by the front lady, then the middle lady.
    • Each time the rear lady reaches the middle gent she turns back around him and reverses the weave, followed by the front lady, then the middle lady. (Rear lady will change)
    • Continue until the 1st lady is in the lead again (~12)
    • 1st lady leads the women back around behind the gents and back to place (continuing original loop) (~6)
  1. House to progress (8)
  • 1st couple swings down the men’s side to the bottom
  • 2nd and 3rd couples swing up the ladies’ side to progress.

Source video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a5POmKrBNs


Redgate Winery- March 19, 2016

Dancing in a beautiful setting at Redgate Winery with the best music! Can’t get much better, the Craic goes on!

20160319_135008_HDRThanks to Heather Pinney, George Penk, Eric Weberg, and Brad Johnson for cranking out the best Irish tunes.

Shiftin’ Bobbins, a Scottish dance.20160319_132159_HDR 20160319_132058_HDR 20160319_132040_HDR


5th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

A small and mighty clan braved the elements on Salem’s 5th annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, a wee bit before St. Pat’s day, sponsored by Céili of the Valley Society on Saturday- March 12th. Even as the sky dumped liquid sunshine, The Willamette Valley Pipe and Drums (formerly Oregon Defense Force Pipe & Drum Band)  led the crazy Green Bunch downtown from Riverfront Park.



March Madness Ceili

There was loads of fun for all at our March Céili & Céili of the Valley Society’s 10 year anniversary. Thanks to Sam Keator for coming to our rescue to call at our céili when our original caller had an emergency. We had super lively music from Cary and Hanz (which we were lucky since he will be moving to the East coast soon). Thanks all for coming and making March céili a party to remember.

We were treated to wonderful step dancing performances during our break. https://youtu.be/vUB6RLJd64M


Sean Nos Classes begin October 1

Maldon MeehanPut on your dancing shoes!

Maldon Meehan will be teaching a six-week session of Sean Nos (old style) Irish hard shoe dance classes at the VFW Hall, 630 Hood St. NE, beginning October 8.

Sean-nós literally meaning old-style is a highly improvisational, low to the ground, rhythmic dance form. Unlike Irish step dancers, Sean-nós dancers swing their hips and use their arms as forms of expressing the music. Traditionally a dancer danced solo on the hardwood of a half door or the round top of a barrel; as a result the steps are confined to a small space. In Sean-nós dance, the dancer is tied closely with the musician and the music. The dancer interprets the music.

Classes take place 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursdays. Oct. 8 – Nov. 12.  Enough students have registered and class will begin October 8th.

Cost: $75 per person

Age: 9 and older

Pre-registration and payment is required. Deadline is Sept 30.

Click for Sean Nos registration

Complete the registration form above, and include a check made payable to Ceili of the Valley, PO Box 221, Salem, Oregon 97308.

Questions? contact ceiliofthevalley@gmail.com